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Group Coloring

Art Playgroup

This is a fun open ended sensory experience.

Have fun exploring different medias while socializing and playing with other toddlers and parents. Participants will receive guidance from an art instructor while creating processed art forms and memories that will last a lifetime. Parent Presence Required.

Ages 1.5 - 4

Buena Park


Sculpture Culture

Want to try your hand in sculpture? Join us each week for a different media in 3-D art. Children will work with clay, paper, recycled objects, and plaster as they create masterpieces they can cherish.

Ages 2+

Buena Park

Kids' Paintings

Open Studio

Open Studio is an open-ended experience where children are invited to use the materials in the studio to
create their ideas at their own pace. Open studio is about tinkering, making important decisions, troubleshooting, and making connections. At it’s core, it’s also about enjoying downtown where adults aren’t telling you what to do. Open studio allows children to be responsible for their own choices, materials and ideas. It honors the process of the individual in a safe and inspiring creative environment.


Buena Park


Mixed Media

Art Explorers

Let your child’s imagination run wild while exploring different medium each week: watercolor, pastel, Chinese ink, clay and more.


Buena Park


Little Designer

Experience the design world by developing your unique project each week.
Have fun developing your own patterns, experimenting with fabric dyes, designing a soft toy and more.

Ages 10+

Buena Park

Kids Playing Carnival Game

Adult Arts &

Crafts Nights

Looking for a class to feed your creative appetite? Learn art fundamentals and discover new talents in this
class designed to give you a taste of it all. Let your imagination run wild while you explore a different
medium each week: painting, drawing, printmaking, 3-D sculpture, floral design, french embroidery & more

1 Day Class  |  4 Weeks Course

Buena Park

Family Unwrapping

Family Art Time

Guardians and children are invited to engross on an artistic adventure in painting. You have the choice,
materials, and space to let your creativity blossom to its full potential. Families take home canvassed souvenirs to cherish for years to come or give away as beautiful gifts for loved ones.


*Parent or guardian must enroll and participate with enrolled child. Please inquire with staff to book event.

All ages

Buena Park

Happy Kids

Birthday Parties

Looking for a fun activity to celebrate your birthday? Bring your family and friends for an exciting art escapade guided by one of our experienced instructors. Let COL Arts studio host your next party with fun arts, crafts & play activities for the little ones! Art supplies included. Please inquire with staff.

All ages

Buena Park

COL Education
COL Education

Story Box

Story Box is a class where children will have the opportunity to playfully listen, read, think, draft ideas, craft, and create unique story books of their own.

K - 6th

Buena Park

Drawing Time

Sand Art Play

The Sandplay Method is a play therapy modality, which consists of the child, or adult client making whatever he or she feels like building with a wide assortment of miniature figures in a tray of sand in the presence of a trained professional.

K & Up

Learn more

Buena Park

Boys at School

Homework Master

Homework assistance, read 30 minutes a day,

Test / quiz practice
Cross Curriculum.

K - 6th

Buena Park
Children's Storybook

Critical Reading

Let your child join a group of students as they read together to build critical thinking! They will analyze and think deeply about different topics, essential skills for all learners! They will learn to reflect and discuss open-ended questions. They will ultimately become critical thinkers!

1st - 6th

Buena Park
In the Classroom

Modes of Writing

Allow your child to explore the world of writing as they discover the different modes of the art. Your child will learn forms of writing such as: Creative Writing, Persuasive Writing, Argumentative Writing, Analytical Writing, Descriptive Writing, Business Writing, and much more!

1st - 6th

Buena Park
Programming Console

Coding Class

Let them learn the language of computers, and the theory of their design and software, in a fun, eduacational way that they can understand.

1st - 6th

Buena Park
Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 3.46.00 PM.png

Saturday Korean 

Language School

September 8th - December 15th, 2018

15 weeks program

K - 6th  |  10:00AM - 1:00PM

Buena Park
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