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COL Child Care Center


It is normal for toddlers to be curious about their surroundings.

During active exploration of their environment, we may find them in situations that could cause harm to themselves,  others, or materials around them.

We understand that a child's natural curiosity can override  their ability to comply with rules; we do our best to provide a “child-proof” environment so  that children are able to enjoy free exploration of their environment.

This is a delicate stage in a child's development during this stage they are forming a self-concept of themselves.

18 month - 30 month

Kids in Preschool


This group is designed for children who are ready for more group structure.  Children are offered a wide variety of activities that foster all areas of development. Time is spent on, language, cognitive and sensory activities, however, social skills are still a primary consideration when planning for this group.

Children are encouraged to work through conflicts and emotions by using words instead of actions (i.e. biting, hitting). As the children grow and gain more independence as well as more language skills, teachers work to provide activities that will foster social competence. Socially competent children can share (occasionally) toys and space, use words to express themselves and wait their turn.

2 - 3 years old



Our Pre-K program is designed to prepare children for the next step in schooling, Kindergarten. Children in this program are exposed to the literacy, math and science concepts necessary for success entering Kindergarten in the fall.  We expect children in this group to be able to function as a group. Participation is highly encouraged when a group activity is being presented. We recognize that 4 year old children are active and have many interests, so each day consists of a variety of quiet and active activities as well as group and individual choice activities.  The teacher is a facilitator in the child & learning and provides guidance not instruction.

4 years old

Martial Arts Class



•  Ballet
•  Tae Kwon Do
•  Soccer
•  Steam
•  Coding


Raising Hands


  1. Homework Guidance

  2. Pick-ups, Snacks & Dinner provided

  3. English: Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, Writing, Phonics 

  4. Math: Elementary mathematics, Geometry, Algebra, Problem-solving 

  5. Test / Quiz preparation

  6. Academic Counseling

  7. Reading Clubs

  8. Private Tutoring

K - 6th




•  Full-time / Half-time

•  Academic Improvement Program

•  Field Trips


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